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 Post subject: As I said early on
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are great your organization can navigate the twists and turns to get you where you [url={POSTID}]want[/url] to go.Of course, you have [url={POSTID}]to[/url] [url={POSTID}]know[/url] [url={POSTID}]where[/url] you want to go.As they move toward their goals, they encounter [url={POSTID}]problems,[/url] make mistakes and discover [url={POSTID}]weaknesses.Above[/url] all else, how they [url={POSTID}]choose[/url] to approach these impediments [url={POSTID}]determines[/url] [url={POSTID}]how[/url] fast they move toward their goals.Every organization works [url={POSTID}]like[/url] a machine to achieve its goals.This machine produces outcomes.By comparing the outcomes to the goals, those running the machine can see how well the machine is working.This is the feedback loop that those who are responsible for the machine need to run well in order to improve the machine.Based on the feedback, the machine can be adjusted to improve.If the outcomes are inconsistent with the goals, something must be wrong with the machine, which means that something must be wrong with the culture and/or the people.By diagnosing what is wrong, designing improvements and implementing those improvements, the machine will evolve.In short, the evolutionary process is as follows.Take a minute to look it over and see what you think.The more frequently and effectively those in the machine go through this process, the more rapidly they and the machine will evolve.In fact, if there are two few and/or bad quality feedback loops, there will be a decline because you won’t identify and deal with the problems that will kill you.I believe that this is equally true for individuals and organizations.I also believe that the most important difference between great organizations and bad ones is in how well they manage their feedback loops.Most importantly I value meaningful work and meaningful relationships that are obtained by striving for truth and excellence with great people.I am confident that through this constant striving, we will evolve rapidly together.As you might have guessed from reading Part 2, I want Bridgewater to be a company in which people collectively...And when faced with difficult choices, I want them to see the choices as follows.While I recognize that being this way is challenging, I am also confident that it is what is required to get the most out of out of life.I am confident for two reasons.Second, this theory has been tested over the last 40 years and has worked.While 40 years ago being this way seemed logical, back then that was an untested theory.Now that we have 40 years of testing to look back on, we can see that the results verify the theory.Because what I have said is pretty abstract, I need to spell []out[/url] exactly what it means to run a company this way.I need to get very specific.Over time I have built a collection of principles that encompasses almost all aspects of managing because I have collected and refined so many over time.

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